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Honestly  I Have No Idea How To Beat This. Could Someone Assist Me With The Code 1 1 2 Cuz Idk What That Means

I cant get past the load screen :(

Beautifully done! Too bad there's really only 4 sexual encounters though... An encounter with the rival cat would be nice, and also, finding a pair of panties for the door guard of the rivals house would be nice too. I understand that you might not be getting back to work on this game, due to limitations, but these are just little suggestions. Love it though. Also, I opted not to kill the store employee, and now he won't talk to the MC anymore.

that was really good! the battle system was a lot of fun and hot. i hate the muppet man. the way you did him showing up randomly was well done. but terrifying. i can't wait to see what you do in the future! i can't believe you can kill the rat employee :P

I think she's a kind of a fox


Oooor, a red panda, looking at the sprite.